Your Perspecitves Shape Your Progress

Your Perspecitves Shape Your Progress

Many times we may feel or meet people who feel overwhelmed with all that is happening in their lives.

This is especially when things are tough – a job loss; a failed relationship; loss of a loved one; insufficient funds to get by; being taken advantage at work… the list goes on.

I learnt from a dear friend and manager that life is a cycle of feasts and famine. We must be able to recognise the good that we have, and celebrate the good times; and when things are not as we would like, recognise it can happen to either make us stronger or prepare us for exciting times ahead.

In doing this, it is useful to remember as the GoodTherapy graphic suggests – it is how we interpret situations and infer meaning that can make us or break us. Moreso, it is how we respond to the ups and downs that can propel us upward or keep us down. At the end of it all, however, one thing we can be sure about. Life goes on.

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