Technology and Millennials – An Inside View

Technology and Millennials – An Inside View

The following is a contribution by Ms. Sasha Soogrim – Media and Technology Analyst at, and posits her reflection on the significance of technology to one of the Millennial Generation.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose especially in industry. It is amazing I found something that was hard work but I enjoyed very much. I was introduced to basic computer skills in form 1 of Pleasantville Secondary School. To my surprise I was  immediately interested in the different areas of technology.

As an 18 year old woman, who was newly introduced to the world of technology and its fast evolving nature; it’s amazing to see how the humans went from sticks and stones to iPhone and Wi-Fi. That’s when I figured out I want to further my education in computer technology.

What I really understand technology to be is the improvement of human life. Where we invent a more efficient and less time consuming way to improve anything. For example, from using stone, clay, charcoal to write, we improved it to pencils, pens, ink, now we use the computer to type and print our words. I know that finding a way to do things faster, producing more of a product or ensuring that things can be done without mistakes can be used to increase productivity and revenue. For example, a company can now produce over 1500 bottles of water a day as opposed to 500 a day hand filled or instead of having someone write 5 copies of a document when we can use a copier/printer to do it without mistakes and less time.

digital worldFor me, the world of technology is fascinating, it’s like a whole new world of improved equipment to help make life easier. To see how we can make robotic arms and micro cameras it’s really surprising how far in technology we have improved. I saw a really interesting video where two full bodied robots were playing table tennis. Also to know that our world is yet to be further improved by several new technology on the market. I personally think that the world has improved immensely in technology. A lot of everyday tasks has been made easier to do with technology. For example, toilets that flush themselves so it’s more sanitary, alarm systems where a person does not need to be present at the compound, hearing aids to help the hearing impaired individuals, a pair of glasses to help the vision impaired individuals, prosthetic limbs to help those who lost limbs and many more.

I think it can be both positive and negative to the world. Positive things such as chairs to sit on & beds to sleep on so we would not have to use the floor, refrigerators to preserve our foods (raw & cooked), microwaves to heat cold food etc. It’s also scary to know that some technology can be of danger to us- negative things like weapons of destruction, chemical toxins that can harm living things, pollution that harms the environment and much more.

I am involved in the world of technology from my everyday life. From my fridge to the microwave, the television, the internet… soo many devices we use that are technologically advanced from the original inventions. I myself can only go 1 maybe 2 days without my phone but to go without my everyday essentials it would be extremely hard especially if you do not have water in the taps, no toilets, no internet, no library, no cars etc.

Computer Technology has a big part to play in my job. I’m a media technician. I promote businesses via internet, newspapers, advertisements, flyers, websites etc. I have my fair share of project management to do but it is fun when I have a new project like making videos, making websites, even just editing videos or recording radio programs. All exciting things to do and the level of technology is interesting especially learning how to use it. It is interesting to get to know the world of computer technology before actually studying it. Yes, it is a step into the unknown world but my opinion is working hands-on in this field you learn a lot more. It is always more fun and educational when you have a hands-on experience than sit with a book to read about it.

My plans for the future is to further my studies in Software Engineering. I also plan to focus on researching technology and the different areas such as construction, manufacturing, information & communication, energy and power, transportation, medical & bio-related, agriculture & environmental. My interest grows rapidly in the area of technology as it is fascinating and has captured my attention. And I intend to quench my thirst for knowledge in this particular field.

Sasha is an Analyst – Media and Technology Projects at Professional Alliance Network (Caribbean) Ltd. She can be contacted at

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