About Us


panCaribbean.org is a consulting and training firm that focuses on Strategic Management and Technology solutions to help you create a better tomorrow.

Established in Trinidad and Tobago in 2007, our local and international exposure augments an infusion of diversity and cultural sensitivity that guides the attainment of practical solutions to building business.

At panCaribbean you can access customised solutions to meet your unique needs and context, driven by personalised support, to ensure you realise real results. real time.

We are driven by a strong development focus to trigger of Awakening that leads to Transformation… into new ways of being. And it is this promise we continue to deliver to each and every client.


To be the preferred partner to a global client base for effective strategic business solutions in a dynamic world


To deploy innovative strategic management and technology solutions tailored to an expanding client-network, driving organisational sustainability and growth alongside individual competence and contribution

Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Objectivity
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Performance

Principal / Lead Consultant

Faheem Mohammed is the founder of panCaribbean, and leverages an international career in corporate and multinational organisations, entrepreneurship ventures and involvement in academia to deliver unparalleled service and thought leadership to every client. With a background that spans the disciplines of Management, Technology, Sociology and Theology, you stand to realise unique value that is underpinned by a sound understanding of enacting influences.

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