Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic and Business Planning

If you are seeking to put systems in place to not deal with crisis after crisis, or wish to break into new markets or lines of business, we can help. We offer:

  • Research-driven long-range planning support for your business or industry
  • Strategic planning workshop facilitation for your executive team
  • Business plans to help you mobilise resources and cover all bases
  • Product and Investment proposals to support your growth efforts


Through customised solutions that are designed to meet your needs and fit your budget – we strive to ensure that you realise real benefits – real time.


You need this service if…

You face challenges of:

  • Lagging performance against targets or expectations
  • Constant change in internal or external environment
  • Frequent ‘fire-fighting’, conflicts and crisis management
  • New teams and new team-leadership in key areas
  • The need for re-inventing the business or venturing into new territories…


How we can help…

We help you to review, develop, execute and monitor:

  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Department or Division Functional Plans
  • Market Studies and Research
  • Development of Products and Project Proposals
  • Enterprise Start-up Support advisory services


Why choose panCaribbean?

Our solutions are distinct in a number of ways:

  • We offer a truly holistic perspective – to help you consider and plan for the full impacts of decisions
  • Our services are research-based to allow for consideration of global industry trends
  • We incorporate a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in craft solutions for your specific needs
  • Analysis is balanced with synthesis within the process, across multiple levels of interaction and engagement
  • We consider technology trends and available tools that work to your benefit now and into the future


Additional client benefits

Our clientele accrue additional benefits from features built into the design of the services, which include:

  • Services are customizable to clients’ needs, scope and budget
  • Solutions consider proven techniques alongside cutting-edge best-practices
  • Value is added at each distinct stage of the process employed