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  • Driving Transformation for Over a Decade

    From navigating the global financial crisis to responding to technological disruption, to re-strategizing around the Covid-19 effects…

    …we have been providing research, consulting and training support to entrepreneurs, company executives and working professionals – across a range of sectors – to ensure they balance resource demands with measurable impact.

Management Re:View – Blog Posts featuring Executive Insights

  • Covid-19 and Firm Leadership

    Covid-19 and Firm Leadership

    Leading in the Face of a Global Pandemic The advent of Covid-19 and the simultaneous fall in oil prices are causing – for most sectors – a crash in demand alongside an increase in upstream prices. These result in a very challenging (if not catastrophic) business environment, and the concerns echoed at government and commerce-chambers’…

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  • When Managers Fail: Getting Managers to Buy into Change

    When Managers Fail: Getting Managers to Buy into Change

    The focus of the manager generally changes from working to attain a position to that of working to maintain the position attained. This means working less, not working more…. How then can a manager’s mindset and attitude be changed?

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  • 4IR, Augmented Workforce and the Individual

    4IR, Augmented Workforce and the Individual

    “…there is the lingering sentiment that investment in technology is a zero-sum option – it will come at the expense of people.”

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