5 Commitments to Each Client:

  • To put client interests ahead of our firm’s interests
  • To adhere to the highest standards of truthfulness, integrity and trustworthiness
  • To maintain in confidence the private and proprietary information of the client and any sensitive opinions of individuals within client organisations
  • To maintain an independent position, being ready to differ with client executives and to tell them the truth as we see it, even though that may adversely affect firm income or endanger continuance of the relationship
  • To provide only services for which the firm is competent and services that provide full value to the client


Our Clients Enjoy REAL VALUE…

Clients of panCaribbean enjoy key value enablers which contribute to enhanced performance results:

  • We offer a truly holistic perspective – to help you consider and plan for the full impacts of decisions
  • Our services are research-based to allow for consideration of global industry trends
  • We incorporate a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in craft solutions for your specific needs
  • Analysis is balanced with synthesis within the process, across multiple levels of interaction and engagement
  • We consider technology trends and available tools that work to your benefit now and into the future



Our clients accrue additional benefits from features built into the design of our services, which include:

  • Services are customizable to clients’ needs, scope and budget
  • Solutions consider proven techniques alongside cutting-edge best-practices
  • Value is added at each distinct stage of the process employed