We provide customised solutions that are designed to meet your needs and fit your budget – ensuring that you realise real benefits real time.

Our services are designed to guide and support your efforts – working with your team toward empowerment or providing our own personnel to ensure support alongside seamless operations.


You need this service if…

For business owners and corporate managers who face challenges of:

  • Lagging performance against targets or expectations
  • Constant change in internal or external environment
  • Frequent ‘fire-fighting’ and crisis management
  • New teams and new team-leadership in key areas
  • The need for re-inventing the business or venturing into new territories…


How we can help…

We provide objective and focused consulting and training solutions that include:

  • Strategic Planning Workshop facilitation
  • Research and Workshop facilitation for benchmarking Industry Trends
  • Development of Strategic Functional Plans for such areas as Marketing, Production and Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Technology
  • Development Training in Strategic Thinking and Strategic Management
  • Development of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Product and Project Proposals
  • Training for Business Plan Analysis and Design


Why choose panCaribbean?

Our solutions are distinct in a number of ways:

  • We offer a truly holistic perspective – to help you consider and plan for the full impacts of decisions
  • Our services are research-based to allow for consideration of global industry trends
  • We incorporate a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in craft solutions for your specific needs
  • Analysis is balanced with synthesis within the process, across multiple levels of interaction and engagement
  • We consider technology trends and available tools that work to your benefit now and into the future


Additional client benefits

Our clientele accrue additional benefits from features built into the design of the services, which include:

  • Services are customizable to clients’ needs, scope and budget
  • Solutions consider proven techniques alongside cutting-edge best-practices
  • Value is added at each distinct stage of the process employed