Available Resources

Working from home, remotely and using technology may be a new way of working and bring its own challenges, but working with shared resources can be quite a different issue altogether. Many homes may experience limited number of computing devices, and with everyone having to work online, this can present quite a challenge. Having a system available for the kids to participate in online classes, you and your spouse to share for virtual meetings and other digital work that needs to be done can create scheduling problems and missed meetings / opportunities as a result.

Mobile & FOSS Solutions: in many instances, mobile devices can allow persons to function at a minimum level while the PC or laptop is being used otherwise. In today’s operating context, mobile apps of PC-based software abound, so that using one’s phone or tablet can ensure one can sit into a meeting or class. Others have taken down and dusted off older equipment and tried to get these working. Some persons have reactivated older machines and switched to free and older machine-friendly linux-based platforms to supplement available equipment, which eased the strain on equipment accessibility. The good news is that newer linux applications (such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint) are as responsive to platform-independent applications that are being used – both in terms of mobile and PC -based computing environments.

‘Essential’ Supplies: The sudden restrictions imposed and the closure of non-essential businesses, alongside the emergent demands as structures and technologies were put in place to respond, translated into the scenario where some persons are seeing gaps in their home IT and home office needs – from printers to stationery and so on. The gaps are exacerbated by the fact that many stores are closed and therefore resolution may prove difficult to many. Online retail and delivery services are proving their value to some in this regard. Online ordering with curbside or delivery service is helping households to function to some basic degree, while for others a communal approach is alleviating much of the pain-points associated with unavailable commodities. Persons pooling resources to support their individual efforts has emerged as an immediate convenience to many, giving the group the ability to immediately recover and function.